Leader Middle East L.L.C. has been established as a financial and monetary (Introducing Broker) primarily to give traders access to the international markets. The company is duly licensed by the Central Bank of the U.A.E. to conduct brokerage activities in dealing in currencies and commodities as well as intermediating in money market transactions. Established in the year 1993 to  provide  its   dedicated  services  to  its

valuable customers. Leader Middle East L.L.C is now well recognized as one of the reputed brokerage houses in UAE.

Leader Middle East L.L.C. is an “Introducing Broker” to numerous U.S. based international brokerage firms who have clearing facilities through major banks and members of relevant exchanges.

Leader Middle East L.L.C. provides:

24 Hours Back Office Support.
Real Time Market Information
Through Major Data Systems Eg:
       -E-Signal, Bloomberg & Reuters
Competitive Brokerage Fees.
Daily Statement of Accounts Directly
Faxed to Customers.
Online Trading Facility Via Internet
to Self-Traders & Corporate Clients.

For those who do not have direct access to the interbank market, it's been extremely difficult to get consistently fair pricing. Leader Middle East L.L.C. introduces “NetTrader” the direct online internet based dealing station offered by its clearing brokers Chicago Forex Limited, Illinois , USA. Using the efficient, easy-to-use point-and-click system, buyers and sellers of currencies deal directly on each other's prices, anonymously, without intervention by a middleman. Now, interbank quality rates are accessible through this completely open and transparent online marketplace. All prices on lmedubai.com indicate the last traded price, which shall facilitate the trader to learn the trend of the market.

The “Net Trader” dealing station delivers the best available rates and a more cost-effective method of trading FX. As a result, our clients enjoy lower transaction costs, better performance, and, ultimately, a valuable competitive edge.

Trading on the Internet

There are over 80 brokerage firms that allow individuals to trade over the internet. Most of these firms started servicing clients over the internet during the last four years. The emergence of this new investment tool is exciting and scary to many investors.

The internet is a tool used to facilitate trading. With many respectable financial institutions , there is more than one tool available to execute or place trades. Leader Middle East L.L.C. allows clients to carry out orders by over the internet.

There has been an explosion of online investment accounts as sophisticated investors realize the advantage of trading over the internet. Business Week reports that there are three million online investment accounts, up from 1.5 million in 1997. Foresster Research Group estimates there will be 14 million online investment accounts by 2004.

One  does not have  to  speak with a broker to make trades over the internet. The elimination of the middleman has made the process of executing a trade faster and has eliminated the possibility for misunderstandings. Confirmations of trades are immediate and one has to only print out a copy of the computer screen for a written record of a trade. Many individuals feel these features of internet trading makes it safer than using  the phone  trade.  Major  reputed  firms  have

internet trading. They would not risk their reputation by offering internet service, if online trading was unreliable or unsafe.

Leader Middle East L.L.C. computer system is protected by firewalls to protect your information from prying eyes. The security of your account information is our top concerns and we have taken multiple steps to eliminate any risk associated with transacting.nono